Having lived in some of the most celebrated places on the planet, Lynette has created a lifestyle enriched with the cultures surrounding her. An avid supporter of local artists and organizations, her lifestyle encompasses a business style founded in promoting sustainable growth, while being at home in the world.


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I have been fortunate to enjoy 30 years of experience in the retail industry.

My career began when I moved from my home state of Minnesota to Arizona, where I discovered the artistic beauty of the Southwest. Eight years later I accepted a position working for an international travel retailer based in San Francisco, the pivotal decision of my career for which I will be forever grateful – it became the first step of a lifelong journey. I embraced captivating new cultures, met interesting people, and led diverse businesses and teams.

As my career has progressed my lifestyle has evolved, inspiring a passion for continual growth.

I have made my home in many places: across the varied landscapes of the United States; nestled in a serene rice-field in Bali surrounded by sounds of the gamelan; high up in the towering skyscrapers of Hong Kong; in Guam overlooking the Pacific atop a picturesque cliff; in Miami marveling at the navigation of Cruise ships into Port; I am drawn to adventure, and I embrace a lifestyle influenced by new cultural and social experiences.

My journey has been rich and yields uniquely who I am. I have enjoyed capturing moments throughout this journey here in the “Art of…”

Journey into the “Art of”

a personal view woven through a journey of discovery; a lifestyle fueled through a lifelong curiosity to travel; a progression of skills learned and blended into an art

The Art of the Hands

“Art of the hands” is a magical experience to me.  I have been fortunate throughout my career to be surrounded by talented artisans from around the world
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The Art of the Soul

The “Art of the Soul” inspired my journey from San Francisco to the lush rice fields of Bali, Indonesia

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The Art of the Cruise

The “Art of the Cruise” is an opportunity to travel the globe and open up your world
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The Art of Loss

I did not fully understand the “Art of Loss” until my father passed away, and life would never be the same without him
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The Art of a Team

Building a team is an art. And like any artistic process, it takes years of experience to develop expertise and master your craft
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The Art of Travel

The “Art of Travel” has touched all aspects of my life – from where I live, how I live, to the career I continue to create

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The Art of the Senses

Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is an opportunity to be surrounded in creativity and a wealth of sensory experiences

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The Art of the Village

Living in Guam and Saipan is where I appreciated the importance of promoting sustainable growth while serving others
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The Art of the Seasons

Minnesota is where I grew up finding beauty in the seasons and learning to adapt to constant change

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The Art of Intensity

Living in Hong Kong, is where I embraced the “Art of Intensity” and the ability to stay focused while a dynamic environment swirls and shifts around you

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The Art of Opportunity

When you find meaning and purpose in what you do, you discover opportunity in all facets of your life and career

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The Art of Change

Leading a Team through change starts with an inspiring vision they want to deliver

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The Art of a Sunset

Watching the sun set at the end of the day is when we pause to reflect on another page of our journey

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The Art of a Smile

The “Art of a Smile” can elevate the positive emotions within us and reinforce a feeling of happiness and connection to others

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