Having lived in some of the most celebrated places on the planet, Lynette has created a lifestyle enriched with the cultures surrounding her. An avid supporter of local artists and organizations, her lifestyle encompasses a business style founded in promoting sustainable growth, while being at home in the world.


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the Art of Travel

“I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”

-Robert Frost

It’s fascinating to reflect on the decisions that greatly influence your life, the pivotal moments that guide your next chapter of experiences. There is one profound decision that materialized when I was in 9th grade that comes to mind. It seemed inconsequential, however, this single decision became fundamental to all future key decisions I have made. It unveiled one of my greatest passions, and continues to guide how I live my life today.

In 9th grade, I became a librarian at our local Public Library. This was my first real job. I did not aspire to be a librarian, however, it seemed like an interesting opportunity and convenient. I worked part-time during the school year and full-time in the summer. I became a tactical expert at researching articles, recommending material to patrons, identifying trending topics, organizing library sections, and mastering the art of the Dewey decimal system. After four years, I knew the library intimately.

The library presented an incredible wealth of knowledge that was constantly at my fingertips. At the time, we didn’t have the Internet. The key resource to gather information and learn was the public library. It opened up a world beyond the boundary of where I lived, and became my own personal education system where I spent over 5,000 hours. I was free to choose what I wanted to learn and I relished in the options. It generated an intense curiosity to discover a wide variety of subjects.

I had limited travel outside the mainland United States while growing up. I traveled to Hawaii once for our family holiday. I was content. It didn’t occur to me there were places I wanted to go. Until, I started working at the library, and that changed everything. The area I quickly became most fascinated with was Travel. I spent countless hours immersed in the discovery of fascinating new places, and I was privileged to lead a global adventure through the colorful pages of thousands of books. I consider this period as one of the most influential in my personal growth. It created a strong desire to Travel and experience the World while broadening my perspective of the possibilities.

It has led me to fascinating places around the globe while promising a life full of adventure. I am truly grateful for that 9th grader whose curiosity and imagination was fueled in the Travel section of the local Public Library. The “Art of Travel” has touched all aspects of my life – from where I live, how I live, to the career I continue to create. It is fundamental to how I view the World and the influence I can have throughout the journey.