Having lived in some of the most celebrated places on the planet, Lynette has created a lifestyle enriched with the cultures surrounding her. An avid supporter of local artists and organizations, her lifestyle encompasses a business style founded in promoting sustainable growth, while being at home in the world.


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the Art of the Hands

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

-Henry David Thoreau

“Art of the Hands” is a magical experience to me. I have been fortunate throughout my career to be surrounded by the most beautiful Luxury Brands in the world, an incomparable (and occasionally expensive) benefit of being part of DFS Group and the LVMH selective retailing division.

Twenty-five years in the industry is where I developed an appreciation of the “Art of the Hands” as the foundation of product creation. Working with the industry’s most highly regarded brands, I spent several months every year traveling to Paris, Italy, London, and Switzerland visiting the various Maison and Manufacture.

Switzerland became my favorite “home away from home.” With its sweeping countryside and majestic mountains, I witnessed the “Art of the Hands” epitomized in the miniature terrain of a masterpiece Swiss tourbillon watch: hundreds of minute individual pieces crafted by a single watchmaker at a seasoned workbench overlooking the Vallée du Joux. It will take the watchmaker one year to complete a single watch.

You never quite look at a Swiss watch in the same manner again, and ultimately, when the majority of assembled pieces become hidden inside the watch as the creation process completes, you appreciate how art is truly “in the eye of the beholder.”

It is inspiring to be in the presence of artisans who are expert in their craft. They take pride in the lifelong mastering of their skill, while maintaining a passion for excellence and tradition. There is a purity of style when objects are handmade and artisans strive for perfection.

There is also uniqueness, as the personality of the artisan is imprinted in the fine detailing of the object, and a part of the artisan is woven into the very fabric of the piece as it comes to life. The skills associated with traditional artisanry are passed on through generations while each artisan personalizes their craft with their own distinct influence.

You can feel the quality of an object when a seasoned artisan creates a unique piece and expertise flows through their hands as they design it with intention and purpose. It is a humbling process to behold. Their mastery of skill sustains the relevance of their craft, engages youth, and promotes the ongoing livelihood of their local communities.

The discipline of an artisan is captivating as they focus on creating minute detail while remaining faithful to the overall vision of the piece. Their determination and passion to see the object take form from beginning to end is inspiring, and unveils the ineffable magic founded within the creation process.

A story unfolds through the hands of an artisan as a bespoke piece is created through chapters of experience and skill. The blend of vision and heart creates layers of uniqueness in a story only their hands can tell. As they continue to master the expertise of their craft, their story is told in a breathtaking library of personal masterpieces.

The distinct individual artistry and collective talent as artisans create a unique piece together, will forever influence my preference for handmade and the magic of the “Art of the Hands.” It is at the heart of sustaining the cultural beauty and tradition of what makes each one of us unique, and should be held protectively and cherished for the generations to come.

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